Liberal Arts Convocation - Spring 2019

Saturday, May 11, 2019, 2:00 pm at UNM Continuing Education

BE PROMPT: Our Liberal Arts Dept celebration will be held at the Continuing Education building at 1634 University Blvd., between Indian School and Menaul. The graduation ceremony will be held in the Auditorium. Parents and guests should enter the front door of the building and proceed to the auditorium. Graduates should arrive no later than 1:45 pm in full regalia and should line up in the back of the building to make their grand entrance exactly at 2:00 pm. Graduates will enter the auditorium on que with the faculty and staff. The ceremony will last approximately 1 hour.

SEATING: The auditorium has comfortable theater style seats and there is a balcony for overflow. There are no stairs unless guests ascend to the balcony. The stairs to the balcony are steep. Please keep children well supervised. Graduating students will be seated in the center chairs closest to the stage. Please do use or remove any reserved seating signs. They are reserved for special/needed individuals.

RECEPTION: Following the ceremony, we will have a small reception in the South Building, where we will serve taco makings and graduation cake. There will be banquet tables and seating for approx 100 guests in Room C. There are a few seats in the lobby and guests are welcome to occupy that area as desired. There may be classes in session so we ask that classes in progress are not disturbed.

PHOTOS: You are allowed move to take pictures during the ceremony although the theater is somewhat dark and may require a flash. Pictures can be taken in the lobby after the ceremony as well.

RULES: There will be volunteer staff on hand to make your day as enjoyable as possible if you need help with anything. Please be courteous to the staff and the building personnel so that we will be welcomed back for next year's graduation. Staff will happily clean up the tables for you. Please remember your belongings when you leave.

Most important, enjoy this once in a lifetime celebration with us.

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Nancy Miller (505) 277-8181

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